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Saturday, June 11, 2005

nhl- Nashville should worry about Future

from the daily News Journal, Say this for the Nashville Predators: They show no fear.
When NHL owners enacted their lockout last September, Predators' management said the move was in the best interest of the franchise's long-term stability. If recent reports on the state of negotiations have been correct, that belief will prove to have been right on the mark.
When that same staff has been asked about how it will overcome ill will among the fan base created by that lockout, it has said simply that it will start from the beginning and introduce the sport to Middle Tennessee as if it never had been here. After all, they say, the first few seasons drew the most fans so they must have done something right.
The truth is that franchise officials ought to be frightened about what happens once the lockout ends because — for a number of reasons — there is no way for them to repeat the past.
First of all, before the first puck was dropped in 1998 there was a season-ticket sales campaign and a marketing blitz that lasted roughly a year and a half.
Provided the lockout does get settled some time in the next few weeks (it seems that it will) the 2005-06 season will open roughly four months from right now. Thus far no one has mailed any ticket brochures or crafted any marketing slogan for the season. By the time they get around to doing so there is a good chance most will be focused on football season and not interested in much else.
Next, once the time comes who is going to sell the tickets and sponsorships and do all the other work that needs to be done? on...