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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

nhl- The New Landscape

from MSG Network, There's no doubt that, unlike the NBA's quick negotiations, we're going to be working overtime to get hockey back to where it needs to be. Remember, the NBA -- which has a lot more revenue to deal with -- already had a CBA in place that incorporates a salary cap with linkage to revenues, and that's what the NHL is trying to put into effect. Folks, they're basically creating an entirely new system, and that takes much much longer.
Hopefully, once this new deal is intact, six years down the road when its time to renew, it will mean they'll simply tweak something here, tweak something there, and sign off on another deal. It's hard to say right now whether the new CBA will end up being more detrimental to some of the big-market teams. It's sure going to limit the maneuverability of some teams that are used to spending a lot of money, like the Rangers, Toronto and Detroit. Without a doubt, those teams are going to have to really look at their budgets and the entire system, and really do a lot of soul-searching as to who they want to keep, who they can afford to keep, and who they have to let go and replace with less expensive players.
You have to look at what the system will be, and ultimately I think we'll wind up one similar to the NFL where you identify your core players to build around and give long-term contracts to. We'll wind up with a lot of turnover as the NFL does from season to season, but you have to live with that....continued...