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Sunday, June 12, 2005

nhl- The NHL must look Ahead

from the Buffalo News, Unless you are an avid hockey fan you may not remember which team won the Stanley Cup in 2004. It was Tampa Bay, an area that yawns at the sport under normal circumstances. The entire invasion of the U.S. South - placing teams in Dallas, Nashville, Miami, Phoenix, Carolina and Atlanta - should be seriously reconsidered. It would be a good idea if the NHL came to grips with the fact that it is still a niche sport, so why not go back to rabid hockey cities such as Winnipeg and Quebec City?
For that matter why not consider a European Division of the NHL? A large portion of today's NHL players come from Russia, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine and Finland. Why not consider cities such as Moscow, Stockholm, Prague, Bratislava, Kiev and Helsinki for NHL franchises? ESPN may prefer to televise spelling bees and poker games instead of hockey, but media king Rupert Murdoch, who owns Fox Network and newspapers over the globe, also owns one of the world's largest satellite TV operations. Murdoch has foresight.
Hockey may eventually rise in a healthier condition than anyone thought the whole article...