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Thursday, June 16, 2005

nhl- NHL Talk

from 640Toronto, Today and tomorrow's CBA talks will be just four people, Bill Daly, John McCambridge, Ted Saskin and Bob Batterman. There will be no more full meetings before the CBA is finished, an estimate on its conclusion is "day to day". It could take a week or two weeks, just depends of course on any snags but things are certainly looking good for the NHL.
Yesterday's announcement that the PA will not seek certification in BC should be seen as a good sign because both sides will continue to talk about the CBA today as opposed to having members in Vancouver preparing for the four day hearing. The NHLPA did say last night that they will eventually seek certification in BC, just not now. It makes sense to certify, might as well cover your own backyard in the event of a work stoppage in the future....more...