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Monday, June 20, 2005

nhl- Not good for Hockey

via Slam, Here's hoping residents of Prince George, B.C., and potential pay-per-viewers out there take a big pass on the Battle of the Hockey Enforcers.
Slated for Aug. 27, the exhibition of fighters -- featuring such forgettable hockey players as Link Gaetz, John Craighead and former Flames hopeful Mike Sgroi -- will feature upwards of 16 tough guys squaring off in elimination bouts for $140,000 in prize money.
Cities including Minneapolis (where 5,000 tickets were sold before the plug was pulled), Winnipeg, Philadelphia, Boston and Montreal decided against hosting the event.
Hockey already has a bad enough image and thanks to this kind of event, it'll only be perpetuated by those who see it only as a blood-lust sport. Everybody involved in an event that disgraces the game like this has no right to call themselves hockey fans.