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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

nhl- One more Battle

from the Toronto Sun, The NationalHockey League Players' Association, headed to defeat on the collective bargaining front, could make one final stand to have last season's contracts included in a new deal.
Already swallowing a salary cap and a 24% salary rollback, the union is believed to be digging on having stagnant 2004-05 contracts honoured for the coming season. It means the expected 300 to 400 free agents coming on the market would be drastically reduced.
"That's the issue they're arguing over the most at the moment," a league source told The Ottawa Sun on Sunday as the CBA talks resumed yesterday. "(Owners) don't feel they should have to honour those contracts (during the lockout)."
The players would appear to have little hope -- one executive told The Toronto Sun yesterday there's no way the owners would allow the union such a costly face-saving ploy. But free agent goaltender Sean Burke said the players should get a big bone tossed their way after accepting the cap and rollback.
"We didn't strike, we were locked out," Burke said yesterday. "I've often thought the owners set this all up to burn a season and create lots of free agents. That's not what I call negotiating fairly. I hope the PA (executive) fights for it, but I'm not optimistic they'll win."...more...