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Saturday, June 25, 2005

nhl- Players anticipating Camp

from the Boston Herald, The hockey labor war is nearly over, with a new collective bargaining agreement all but done.
At least that's the general feeling of some of the local NHL players participating in the annual pro-am summer league at Pilgrim Arena, who are gearing up for what they hope is an on-schedule start of training camp.
"I usually don't start playing down here until July, but everyone's here in the beginning of the summer and you can tell that guys are excited and the pace is a lot better,'' said the Buffalo Sabres' Mike Grier, who is hoping a new CBA will be announced in the next couple of weeks. "Guys are anticipating having camp and trying to get themselves as ready as they can be.''
A salary cap, formerly the line in the sand for the Players Association leading up to the lockout, has apparently been agreed upon.
At this stage, Grier just wants to play.
"I'm at the point now where it's whatever it takes to get the deal done,'' said Grier, who starred at Boston University. "If it makes it that every team can be competitive, then I'm for that now. It's a shame we had to go a year without hockey to get to this point, but right now, if they can just get something together then I'm all for it.''...continued...