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Thursday, June 09, 2005

nhl- Players waking Up

from The Maven and MSG Network, “The labor (CBA) dispute will be settled only when the players take their destiny in their own hands!”
This quote has at least a dozen sources inside and outside the National Hockey League; if not thousands of others around the hockey world.
Many are saying it because they realize—at long last—that unless NHLPA executive committee members call the shots in the home stretch of hockey’s Civil War, all these tales about a deal being done will be about as useful as Monopoly money.
Some signs indicate that this is precisely what has been happening for the past two weeks.
As negotiations ground on through Thursday, there were signs of progress but not nearly as much as has been trumpeted in some Canadian papers such as the Globe and Mail of Toronto.
Asked if he thought a deal could be wrapped up by mid-July – not to be confused with June – one negotiator tells me that he believed that that was possible; but only if talks continued moving in a positive direction.
And they did up until Thursday’s on...