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Monday, June 27, 2005

nhl- Ramblings around the NHL

from Stan Fischler and MSG Network, The latest on the CBA is what we told you all along: DON’T BELIEVE THE OPTIMISTS! The real story is that a deal will be cut but certainly not by July 1st and more likely the middle of July.
Well, it’s nice to know that a potential new NHL club owner may bring a nifty nickname with him to Bettman Inc. If Silicon Valley mogul William Dell Diaggio is called “Boots,” and he buys the Penguins, can we call him “Boots in the ‘Burgh?” Don’t answer that!
We have to laugh at those scribes who have nothing better to do but needle Bruins’ power broker Jeremy Jacobs as if it’s a crime that he has managed to keep his club one of the league’s most profitable. We applaud Jacobs discerning that too many high-priced players weren’t playing close to their capacity. We also applaud Jacobs’ fortitude in taking on Bob Goodenow without avoiding the crumble of 1995...much more to read...