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Thursday, June 23, 2005

nhl- Re-Launch the Game

from ESPN, The commissioner is stepping to the podium.
A hush settles over the crowd at the Air Canada Centre, and hockey fans around the world anxiously wait.
"With the first pick of the 2005 NHL Re-Launch draft," the commissioner intones, "the New York Rangers select Jarome Iginla."
For a moment, the conspiracy theorists who wondered about the, ahem, propriety of the weighted draft-order lottery that led to the Rangers' obtaining the top pick are shouted down. To be fair, it is just a coincidence (well, at least we think so) that Iginla's choice by the Rangers comes on the 20th anniversary of the Knicks' drafting of Patrick Ewing following another lottery that raised eyebrows.
And the NHL's Re-Launch is on...