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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

nhl- Recap of Tuesday Meeting

via the Philadelphia Inquirer, The NHL and the NHL Players' Association resumed talks yesterday in New York as they moved closer to drafting a collective-bargaining agreement.
The major components of the deal are near completion, and it is believed that both sides are drafting the legal language of those components.
"There remains much to be done in all areas, so it would be incorrect to assume there is an agreement in place on the overall economic structure, since that framework is still being negotiated," one source involved in the process said.
Although neither side has said that the major financial and economic structure of the deal is in place, it appears that they have agreed on accounting practices and finances for all 30 clubs and that they have narrowed the range of where a salary cap - between $38 million and $43 million - should fall. The parameters for a luxury-tax structure also have been narrowed.
When Friday's talks ended, Bill Daly, the league's executive vice president and chief legal counsel, said that both sides hoped to tackle "myriad" other issues in this week's meetings. That means they want to move on to ancillary issues.
It was the first hint that a significant breakthrough on the financial and economic structure of the collective-bargaining agreement had been made.
Daly and Ted Saskin, the union's senior director, said last fall that until the economic system for the next agreement was in place, it was pointless to discuss free agency, arbitration or rookie contracts, since those issues were directly affected by the financial structure of whatever deal would be worked out.