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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

nhl- Repercussions of the new Rules

from, You know what happens when you tip over the first domino in the line; a chain reaction leads to one falling after another. But, what if you tipped the obvious domino, the chain reaction went as planned and suddenly something unexpected happened like, the lights in your house went off? National Hockey League general managers, coaches and hockey operations personnel pondered that sort of question as they observed Day 2 of the NHL's Research and Development Camp here in the Toronto suburbs. The NHL has enlisted the help of overage junior and college players to test out a variety of rules and equipment changes with an eye on how they will affect the game. The open-minded nature has everyone thinking about the alternative and permutations that can result in even the slightest change. Day 2's morning session continued today with goals that are four inches wider and four inches higher than the current cages. Players, officials and coaches were asked to focus on a "Zero Tolerance" policy where the refs called everything. The extra scrutiny resulted in 32 penalties being called during a 45-minute session. On the surface, the obvious changes are the slimmed-down goalie pads, new lines on the ice and bigger goals, but underneath that, are more subtle rules such as disallowing a team that has iced the puck to make a line change or having the offensive player put his stick down second on a faceoff. These might seem like trivial details to the common hockey fan, but to the guys who must find a way to operate within the boundaries of such potential rules, they're already thinking about the repercussions and how they would handle them....more...