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Friday, June 24, 2005

nhl- Roenick Undecided

via Fox Sports, Even if a new NHL collective bargaining agreement is reached, Jeremy Roenick may not make a return to the ice.
The Philadelphia Flyers center told Sporting News Radio host Scott Wetzel on Friday that he has not made up his mind about whether or not he'll lace up his skates again.
"I have to see how my body reacts to some really, really, really hard training regimen here coming up in the latter part of the summer," Roenick said. "It's very hard to get motivated without a deal. Once that announcement comes, I think the motivational factor will definitely be lifted.
"I have not 100 percent made my decision to play, but to tell you the truth, I have a lot of drive in me and really, really want to continue."
Roenick also addressed the reported terms of the deal that's supposedly nearly completed that will end the NHL lockout and result in a new collective bargaining agreement. He echoed the sentiments of Penguins center/owner Mario Lemieux, who said the NHLPA would have been better served to accept the offer the NHL presented in February when they were trying to save the season.
"What we could've got in February is probably 10 times better than what we're going to get now," Roenick said. "A lot of us knew that, but we did what we did and that's what you've got to live with.
"It's too bad that we've had a year off. For a lot of us, especially guys like myself, it's going to be a hard year to come back from. It is what it is. We've got to live with it, get the game back on the ice. But we could've had a better deal back in February."