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Sunday, June 12, 2005

nhl- A Rule(ing) Czar

I have a severe case of apprehension with the way the NHL is dealing with rule changes.
Input is coming from 30 general managers, numerous coaches and for all we know, friends and acquaintances of Gary Bettman and Colin Campbell.
How about this, hire someone who knows the game, isn't afraid of what other people think of him, knows how to implement changes and will handle the naysayers with an iron fist.
I say make the changes to the way the game is officiated and played as soon as the CBA is signed, Get everyone on the same page and move forward. Have some fortitude, make the nets bigger if you want, move the blue line if you want, get rid of the two line pass if you think it will help the game. We all know what is wrong with the way hockey is played these days, so start looking forward and make it happen.
Thirty teams are going to have 30 different ideas, if the gm's alone are allowed to implement changes, they are going to recommend the change that will benefit their team. I know everyone wants the league to flourish, but eventually coaches will realize they don't have a chance to win if they "play" by the new rules and will slowly tinker with changes and the game will be back to where it is today; BORING.
One person can make the changes work and I trust this man like no other with the future of the game, his name is Scotty Bowman.
Scotty is still under contract with the Red Wings but I am sure that could be worked out. A major stumbling block would be Bettman, he doesn't see eye to eye with Bowman because Scotty has told him a few things that Gary didn't want to hear. Scotty Bowman is the man for the job, will Bettman have the foresight to see that and get him involved is the tougher question.
Today the "Bring in Bowman" campaign starts; are you in or out?