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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

nhl- Seeing the Light

from The Maven and MSG Network, Imagine this: A tune that was written, long, long, ago has relevance to the present NHL Civil War.
That song, “I’m Beginning To See The Light,” made the top of all the charts.
If ever there was a song that symbolizes what appears to be the closing days of hockey’s worst year of labor strife “Beginning To See The Light,” is it.
Yes, there IS light at the end of the tunnel and even I’m beginning to see it.
Yes, the beams get brighter with each day of negotiations that are continuing in Toronto this week.
Yes, it is likely a deal will be completed by July 15, if not sooner.
But, before we all get too ga-ga about a 2005-06 season, let us remember three important elements of reality: on...