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Saturday, June 18, 2005

nhl- The small market teams Profit

from the Philadelphia Inquirer (Sun. Edition) via the Mercury News, And the small markets shall inherit the NHL.
When The Commish - Gary Bettman - announces his new collective-bargaining agreement with the players in the coming weeks, most of the revenue producers are going to be unhappy.
The word filtering down from both sides of the discussions is that nothing in the new deal works to their advantage. Then again, the lockout was never about them. It was about the small-market clubs.
When the CBA is finally announced, most big-market owners and general managers will put on a good face before the cameras. Behind closed doors, however, the Flyers, Toronto, New York Rangers, Colorado and Detroit will feel some sense of outrage that an entire season was lost so that a handful of clubs could obtain a salary cap well within their revenue range - even if they have no intention of ever approaching it.
Most high-revenue clubs virtually print money to spend money. They also happen to have the highest payrolls. And yes, these same clubs are partially responsible for the mess hockey finds itself in. Yet they prop up the rest of the league's finances so teams like Nashville can join the fray, on...