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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

nhl- Stan's Ramblings

from The Maven and MSG Network, A hot question making the rounds concerns Bob Goodenow’s future as NHLPA boss. If the players lose big-time in the CBA Cup, as some suggest, how does the Executive Director explain his brilliant strategy well enough to keep his job?
Hands-down favorite to replace BG from inside the NHLPA is Mike Gartner. Our choice: PHPA head, Larry Landon. You can bet that Bob won’t give up that goody-goody (No Cap) job without a battle.
The NHL cannot claim ignorance on this issue: Important Canadian columnists – from the Toronto Star’s Damian Cox to the Montreal Gazette’s Pat Hickey – are warning Bettman, Inc. about Sid Crosby. Ergo: the Crown Jewel must be protected from the usual thuggery. “When hockey comes back,” says Hickey, “it should be an opportunity to enforce all the rules, all the time.” (Our comment: That’ll be the day!) more...