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Thursday, June 30, 2005

nhl- Start the Bidding

from the Edmonton Sun, The Edmonton Oilers are spending the summer cataloguing treasures collecting dust in the basement at Rexall Place.
Some say the NHL team is preparing to hawk the items at an upcoming auction. But Oilers president Patrick LaForge vehemently denied the rumours.
"We've got a bunch of stuff and we're inventorying it; jerseys and banners and sticks and skates and gloves and pucks that's 25 years old," said LaForge yesterday.
"When I want to make an announcement, I'll make an announcement.
"For right now we're just inventorying whatever we've got.
"For insurance purposes, you want to make sure you have it recorded and numbered. And then we'll see what happens within the next year.
"We haven't got an auction planned. We're itemizing things and we'll see where it goes."
But a source close to the Oilers said an auction is set for when the National Hockey League and its players' union sign a new agreement and play begins again.
"It's signed, sealed and done," said the source, adding the deal is with a reputable auction house.