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Thursday, June 02, 2005

nhl- Stumbling blocks Possible

from Al Strachan and the Toronto Sun, Although thee two sides in the National Hockey League lockout never have been so fragmented, the chances of getting a deal are better than ever.
But not right away.
On the players' side, there is a faction that would like to get a deal done, even if it means taking a heavy hit. These are the guys who have the game in their blood and are lost without it.
But there also are players who have enough foresight to realize that as long as Gary Bettman is at the helm of the NHL, the players never will be paid what they are worth. They feel their only chance is to stick to their stance long enough to force the owners to dump Bettman, who is determined to establish a system that caters to the whims of the underfunded teams. If Bettman gets his way, minimum payrolls will be institutionalized.
On the owners' side, there is a similar split. Some teams have seen a fortune in potential revenue drift away and, at the same time, are watching the values of their franchises drop steadily. They want to get their cash registers humming again, the sooner the on...