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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

nhl- Talked until Midnight

via 640 Toronto, Yesterday's CBA talks lasted until midnight and they were entirely between the union and the owners. The talks will pick up again this morning. I asked an NHL executive about Robert Esche's comments about the CBA being settled by July 1st and his comments were "I have no idea, but Robert Esche is my hero" Glad to see a sense of humour is prevailing during these lengthy talks. Since the talks are going late and often and there is a light heartedness in the air even on just a few hours of sleep, things must be going well and a resolution is upon us.
The meeting yesterday expanded beyond the four that were in discussions last week. One extra person was their on both sides, Bettman, Goodenow, Gartner and Linden were not in attendance, no players were present.