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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

nhl- Ten Changes

from the Toronto Sun via Slam, In a few weeks, the new NHL will be upon us and it will be a profoundly different animal from the one we have all grown to despise.
Forget about goalie pads and red lines. Those are cosmetics. Here are 10 ways the league will be different.
1. The NHL will have fewer Russians and more American Leaguers. With entry-level salaries curtailed and limited resources devoted to franchise players instead of support players, second- and third-line European players probably will opt to stay at home. The Russian Elite league is far and away the most lucrative gig available. And who will take their place? Expect a new premium on serviceable players who didn't lose a year in the lockout. "We placed about 120 players in the NHL two years ago," American Hockey League Commissioner Dave Andrews said, "and we'd expect to put another 100 players, or four players a team, on top of that number next year."
2. Don't expect to see your favourite player at the club's charity event.
Players have just had a lockout and a humiliating defeat shoved down their collective throats. Team-sponsored events will have to wait for at least a year....continued...