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Saturday, June 25, 2005

nhl- Ticket Prices

from Spector and Fox Sports, Many NHL fans held the belief throughout the player lockout that, if reduced and capped player salaries were the outcome of the labor dispute, ticket prices might also be significantly reduced.
The complaint among these fans was that because player salaries were so high, teams had no choice but to keep raising ticket prices to pay for those salaries.
The league itself did little to discourage that opinion, stressing the importance for their teams to get their costs under control to make the game more affordable for NHL fans.
But NHL tickets prices are not based on player salaries, but rather what each individual market will bear. That's why prices are so high in traditional hockey markets like Toronto, Detroit and Philadelphia and why they're much lower in a smaller market like Buffalo or in struggling markets like Florida and Phoenix.
Fans will be discovering this fact the hard way once the new collective bargaining agreement is implemented....more...