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Friday, June 03, 2005

nhl- Tide Turning

from Spector and Fox Sports, posted before the end of the CBA meeting today, Could this long nightmare known as the NHL lockout finally come to a close later this month?
Most NHL hockey fans had all but given up hope of a resolution over the course of this bitter labor dispute between the league and its players.
Stalled negotiations, a canceled season and mudslinging between the two sides since the lockout began last September had more than a few fans and reporters suggesting the 2005-06 season might also be in jeopardy.
Yet since last Sunday, when the New York Post detailed an apparent framework of a deal, the media mood has become almost upbeat.
There appears now to be consensus among the pundits that, at long last, a new collective bargaining agreement could be in place by the end of June.
First, it's common knowledge by now that both sides have been working toward establishing the definition of and methods of reporting revenues. The league has throughout the lockout insisted on the next CBA tying salaries to a percentage of revenues. After months of resistance, the NHLPA has agreed to work on that option, but only if revenues can be clearly defined.
It's also apparent that a salary-cap system will be implemented, with a minimum and maximum level, which could increase each season should revenues increase. The league apparently wants the range between those levels to be $10 million; the PA wants it to be larger.
The qualification age for unrestricted free agency will drop over the course of the next CBA from 30 to 29 and finally to 28. Qualifying offers to restricted free agents will apparently be set at 100 percent for those earning over a set amount and possibly 110 percent for those earning less.
The 24 percent salary rollback as offered by the NHLPA last December could be part of the deal, although there was a report this week in the Los Angeles Times suggesting the PA also wants last season's contracts to carry over into next season....more...