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Saturday, June 18, 2005

nhl- The Trickle down Effect

from Slam, It may only be an inch but it has much bigger ramifications on and off the ice.
When the National Hockey League resumes play sometime this year, goaltenders will return to face new rules governing the size of their equipment. The significant number is the loss of one inch in pad width, from 12 to 11.
Blockers will also be smaller by an inch while the diameter of catching gloves will be smaller by two inches.
The objective is obvious. The NHL wants more scoring and goaltending equipment has grown over the years like someone on a not-so-successful diet.
But the rule change will have great implications off the ice. It will force significant changes for those who manufacture goaltending equipment. Depending on how quickly leagues follow suit with the NHL, there will come a time when minor hockey parents and organizations will eventually have to use equipment that adheres to changes in the NHL....more...