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Monday, June 27, 2005

nhl- Wait to evalute CBA

from Reuters, In a normal National Hockey League (NHL) season, this time of year would be spent pondering the junior entry draft and poring over the lists of free agents set to come on the market on July 1.
The 2004-2005 season, however, has been anything but normal.
A lockout of players last September and the subsequent cancellation of the entire season after the players' union and the owners failed to agree on a new collective bargaining agreement has meant the end of all normality.
The labor fight, over the issue of a salary cap, eventually led to the NHL being the first league to cancel an entire season. Embarrassingly, the National Basketball Association (NBA) -- the NHL's richer cousin -- was able to craft a new agreement, with a salary cap, in little time and with ease.
When the NHL starts up again, it will be a changed landscape; entirely different from the one the fans, management and players knew before.
"Clearly when everyone competes under a model that no one has competed under before, there's going to be some change. It's going to be hard to predict what that will mean across the board and we don't know until we get playing what it will mean to us," said Toronto Maple Leafs general manager John Ferguson Jr.
"We are preparing for it. Everyone understands that change is coming and we're doing our best to not only react but proactively respond and be in a position to take advantage of every opportunity." on...