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Thursday, June 02, 2005

nhl- Will Bob blow this Up

from The Maven and MSG Network, There’s a figurative “Molotov Cocktail” out there that could explode the NHL-NHLPA talks; that is, if it’s ever thrown.
Or, even if it even exists.
But there are folks inside the negotiations who fear that the traction achieved in negotiations through Thursday night could still be derailed.
“We still feel that Bob Goodenow could throw that ‘Cocktail’ and ruin things,” one of the primary negotiators tells me.
Goodenow, the union’s executive director, returned to the bargaining table on Thursday after he and Commissioner Gary Bettman had absented themselves from Wednesday’s lengthy discussions about league-team finances.
The focus on Goodenow’s role is magnified because of increasingly optimistic viewpoints that an NHL-NHLPA peace treaty not only is possible this year; it actually could be signed by the end of this month.
Or, July at the latest.
“We expect to have it wrapped up in the next few weeks,” an Eastern seaboard NHL team official predicted last night.
But predictions and signed-on-the-dotted-line CBAs are about the same as Cadillacs and crawfish.
And that’s where Goodenow comes in. Or, goes out, as the case may be.
At this point in time it’s debatable whether the players’ czar still is calling the on...