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Monday, June 20, 2005

nhl- Winner & Loser

from TheFan590, Does anyone believe, Bob Goodenough at this stage of the game would seriously consider holding the NHL to some sort of ransom lasting until next January? Please.
This guy has already been baked over an open flame by Gary and his posse.
Indeed over his shoulder he can see a membership of formerly passionate players, who can't wait to play hockey again no matter the hit to their pocketbooks. Indeed some of these guys are already resigned to make two thirds or half of what they once did admitting publicly that as hockey players they were making a very good living and will continue to do so even when the bank statement comes up short. Golly, the great unwashed, the fans of hockey knew that from day one.
Me thinks that not only is their a framework for a deal in place, but I would go so far as to suggest that it has tentatively been agreed to by the players.
Don't get me wrong.
There's been no formal vote, nor public acknowledgement of what I'm suggesting, however, all that really is happening now, is the identification of how much money each team makes in a season from hockey.
Once that is determined to the satisfaction of the players, we'll have a deal.
The CBA is going to tie salaries to revenues, and big market clubs are going to be asked to share their extra revenues, their profits with weaker clubs. It's all about figuring out, where all the zeros go behind the numbers.
Is it workable? Well most assuredly.
Now the owners have the players right where they want them, and the owners won't be able to get punch drunk without paying a heavy luxury tax price.
Who wins? on...