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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

nhl- Working Together

from Newsday, When they get back to playing, NHL players will have more say in how their game is played. Among the issues resolved in the collective-bargaining process, according to a person with knowledge of the situation, is the formation of a competition committee that will consist of four general managers, one owner and four players. The committee will be the final word on rules changes, equipment and other game-related issues.
Previously, such decisions were made collectively by the 30 general managers. It was a process that often led to stalemates and politics and very little getting done. Players have long wanted a voice in the debate.
"I think it will be a much more honest system," Islanders captain Michael Peca said. "I don't think GMs were trying to ruin the game, but they were often looking out for the best interest of their clubs. Players are playing the game. They want what's best for the game."
The new format to include players is considered a concession by the NHL in the CBA talks. But Peca doesn't think it should be considered a concession. "It's something that should have been done all along," he said....more...