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Tuesday, June 28, 2005


The independent Northern League (NL) has “reversed its decision” after initially approving the K.C. T-Bones’ promotion in which two fans were to play the first two innings of the team’s July 16 game on EA Sports’ “MVP Baseball 2005.” NL Commissioner Mike Stone in a statement said, “After further review and discussion, I have decided that this concept as originally presented is not in the best interest of the Northern League. Any promotion that could affect the outcome of a regular season game is not permissible. Ultimately, such an event could have an influence on the final standings, and this certainly challenges the integrity of the league.” NL COO John Blake said that he “was not aware of any pressure put on the league by either fans or owners to cancel the stunt.” T-Bones GM Rick Muntean said that the team has “already signed a sponsorship deal to run the promotion during an exhibition game next year.” Turenne notes the two fans following the July 16 game will now begin the contest “as it was in the top of the eighth and play out the last two innings.”