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Thursday, June 16, 2005

USA Hockey says no to Tag-up

from, While the NHL ponders revising its rules to allow tag-ups to negate offside calls, the governing body of U.S. youth hockey has turned thumbs down.
Creativity would be choked, a USA Hockey panel of experts concluded.
Tag-ups were tried in scrimmages during the recent NHL research and development camp in Toronto, resulting in fewer whistles, and consideration will be given to making the change before the league restarts.
Such a revision would allow a player who crosses the opponent's blue-line before the puck to retreat from the zone and re-enter it, keeping play alive. Dump-ins multiply with the tag-up in force. There might be fewer stoppages in play but there's also less creativity.
"We like to see players handling the puck and making decisions with the puck," says John Hynes, a coach in the U.S. development program in Ann Arbor, Mich., in explaining his group's rejection of tag-ups. "Any rule that would promote giving the puck up wouldn't really help the development of players." on...