Breaking Sports

Saturday, July 16, 2005

blog- Pre-Opening

Saturday evenings and Sunday's are usually the slowest time of the week at Breaking Sports.
Therefore, I invite you to test out the new blog. It is not complete by any means, but it is in working order. Changes will be taking place in the next few days, so please note the site is still undergoing changes.
If you want to leave a comment on the new site, you will have to enter a user name; your email address is optional.
Also, if you want to comment about any problems or concerns with my new home, just leave a comment here or under any of the posts on the new blog. I have yet to set up an email address for the just released blog.
Cick here to go to the hockey section.

update 10:45am, Sunday, I have posted today's hockey related threads to the new blog. Again, I welcome your comments, both good and bad. As always, my intent is to satisfy the reader.