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Monday, July 11, 2005

gaming- NHL gamer Alert

from, General managers aren't the only ones struggling to figure out the new NHL landscape in the wake of the lockout. Video game developers are also trying to sort out what lies ahead. Who might be playing for whom? What new rules will come into effect?
All this on top of just trying to improve on last year's game.
"It's certainly been a challenging year," said David Perkinson, senior producer of Sony's Gretzky NHL '06 game.
Sony, Electronic Arts (NHL 06), 2K Sports (NHL 2K6) and Sports Interactive (Eastside Hockey Manager) have all been keeping one eye on the NHL lockout while they make their hockey games.
The mass player movement expected in the wake of a salary cap means game rosters will need radical updates. Expected rule changes will also have an on and on and on.