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Friday, July 08, 2005

nhl- All but Done

from New York Daily News, The short, official answer remains: No, representatives of NHL owners and players have not yet agreed to a new, lockout-ending collective bargaining agreement.
But that's only a matter of days, maybe a week, from changing - followed by perhaps two weeks of waiting for ratification votes by the 30 owners and NHLPA rank and file. Fact is: it truly is down to the minutiae now.
Expect the owners to quickly affirm the document with rousing acclaim, as its gist will reflect exactly what NHL commissioner Gary Bettman wanted for them all along: a new economic model that caps team payrolls and ties that cap to a percentage of league-wide revenues.
Desperate to resume playing and stop hemorrhaging money they'll never recoup, players are expected to ratify the deal as well. But their vote undoubtedly will be a more acrimonious affair, with a significant number enraged that NHLPA head Bob Goodenow asked them to fight for a moral cause (no cap or no hockey) only to abandon that cause without saving the 2004-05 on...