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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

nhl- All Night Long

via TSN, For those people who thought they would wake up this morning to the news that the NHL lockout is over, they will be arising disappointed.
An all-night marathon negotiating session in New York City, which is continuing at this time, has thus far failed to produce an agreement (pending ratification) that so many people believe is imminent.
The good news, though, is that the extended session between the NHL and NHL Players' Association, which started at 12 noon on Tuesday, is apparently continuing and may yet produce the agreement today that would be the catalyst to ending the 301-day labour dispute, the longest in the history of North American professional sports.
It has become painfully evident that the two sides have had to do more than dot i's and cross t's and satisfy legal requirements in the last few days. Mind you, there has unquestionably been a lot of that to do. But there has also been back and forth negotiations on some final unresolved issues.
Sources say there's nothing left on the table that is likely significant enough to derail the entire process, which certainly appears to be in its final hours, but more time is required to finish off these items to the satisfaction of the league and the union.