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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

nhl- Avery not Happy

Sean Avery speaks: "We lost a whole season for nothing," he said. "Absolutely nothing."
"I am furious at Bob," Avery said.
"Bob thought he was bigger than he was," Avery said. "Bob brainwashed players like me."
"To be honest with you, most of us didn't know what was going on," Avery said. "Guys had no control over the situation. Guys were out there giving interviews and we didn't know the real story. Bob embarrassed a lot of guys."
Hockey players love fighting bigger fellas, but Avery said even they didn't understand the size of their opponent.
"We underestimated how rich the owners were," he said. "Nobody thought they would be willing to burn a season."

read the LA Times column by Bil Plaschke.

update 6:30pm The NHLPA Responds:
"Whenever a tentative agreement is reached, the NHLPA will have meetings where all players will be invited to attend and every player's questions will be answered by Bob and the members of the executive committee prior to a ratification vote by the full membership taking place," NHLPA spokesman Jonathan Weatherdon said in a statement. "The proposed agreement and everything that has occurred will be reviewed in great detail. Throughout these negotiations players have received and had more access to information than ever before.
"Given the complexities of all the CBA issues, we will not respond to media speculation and other commentary, prior to the terms of any new agreement being released and the upcoming player meetings."