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Thursday, July 14, 2005

nhl- Bettman on Detroit Radio

Gary Bettman on WDFN radio while their radiothon is going on to kick Leukemia's Butt.
Difficult and painful time for us and the fans, glad it is behind us. Coming back with the right system along with some rule changes. Looking forward to a partnership with the players.
Want the skill players to show their skills, better flow and wants the game to be more offensive. If revenues go up cap will go up. A range has been established to keep every team competitive.
The issue of animosity is over blown, we are all together, too much emphasis on how much was being spent. Everyone getting excited to work together.
Believes a new national cable deal will be made. NHL had no resources to promote the game the last three years, just tried to keep afloat. They were really struggling. Time and energy will now be used to market the game.
Economics are now be adjusted, we will be in line. He believes in the fans and the game, believes in four months game will be very strong.
Bettman donated $5000 for the cure of leukemia!