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Sunday, July 10, 2005

nhl- Blind Devotion

from the Pioneer Press via the Mercury News, Those stories about lemmings hurling themselves off cliffs are myths, you know. They began after a 1958 Disney film called "White Wilderness," which used staged footage of lemmings leaping to their death. There are some creatures, though, that willingly leap to their demise.
NHL players, for instance.
Their herd mentality and blind devotion to union chief Bob Goodenow cost them an entire season and has put them on the brink of accepting a new collective bargaining agreement that reeks.
For them.
For the owners, it's a sweeter deal.
When the NHL lockout began nearly 300 days ago, Goodenow was adamant that there would be no agreement if the owners continued to insist on a hard salary cap.
Well. The word is, there will be a hard salary cap. And a 24 percent rollback in existing contracts.
NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman, who, by the way, resembles a lemming, has routed the players in negotiations. He has kicked in whatever remaining teeth they haven't already lost on the ice.
As for Goodenow, he hasn't been nearly good enough.
He'll go down as one of the worst leaders since George Donner. (See the Donner Party and its tragic demise for details.)
Once the players are done being stomped in negotiations, their first order of business should be to dump Goodenow.
"Mr. Goodenow is under contract to us. He makes a significant amount of money,'' said Dwayne Roloson, the Wild's player representative. "I don't think we'll fire him at this point.'' on...