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Friday, July 15, 2005

nhl- Bob did OK

from the Toronto Sun, Today's truth is yesterday's heresy, with a little breathing time added in.
It was 11 years ago that Bob Goodenow was being roasted for negotiating a one-sided CBA that gave the owners just about everything they could imagine. Now, after a 301-day lockout, many of the same observers, already proven incorrect, are saying the same thing.
There are a handful of popular beliefs swirling around the soon-to-be ratified deal. I called around to some of my favourite contrarians, inside and around the game, to gauge whether the latest slew of unassailable truths was just that.
Unassailable truth No. 1: This is a terrific victory for the owners.
Bottom line: It was a reasonable correction of the market.
"I think you're overstating the supposed drubbing the players took," one general manager said.
Players making the league minimum will see substantial wage increases thanks to a new bottom of $450,000 US. Thirty million, a rough midway point between the upper and lower cap, divided by 20 players means an average salary of $1.5 million, only $300,000 removed from the untenable days that led to the on...