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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

nhl- Bowman Comments

Scotty was on Team 590 in Toronto and asked about the competition committee that was formed last week. Scotty is disappointed he was not asked to be on the committee.
Scotty said at least a coach or someone in that type of position should have been included. He said if the train gets off the track, the coaches are the first to get blamed but have no input.
The coaches he knows are very progressive in their thinking, a bunch of hogwash if people think the coaches will still be able to express their views.
If the center line is removed and allow the pass to the far blue line. mediocre teams will sprint to the far blue line, and tip the puck into the end zone after the puck is cleared along the glass. It will make for very boring hockey. Teams are talking about it already, the game will look like a ping pong match. The NHL needs to keep the red line in.