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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

nhl- Campbell downplays Report

from CP via TSN, The NHL played down a report Tuesday of radical rule and format changes, saying it was premature.
Colin Campbell, the league's director of hockey operations, was reacting to a front-page Toronto Sun story headlined 20 Teams in the Playoffs.
The Sun report came from a league memo listing rule recommendations that Campbell sent out to GMs and the NHL Players' Association. It comes on the heels of other media outlets getting snippets of proposed rule changes, such as allowing the two-line pass, instituting a penalty shootout to end tie games and reducing the size of goalie equipment.
"It's a combination of rule suggestions that were submitted to help the game, change the game to make it better," Campbell said Tuesday.
"But none of it has been even close to ratified. It hasn't even been ratified from within yet, the managers haven't ratified it, the players haven't ratified it, and it hasn't been given to the board of governors yet to ratify _ which is always the final step. So people are jumping the gun. Sure they are suggestions but none of these things are ready to go."...more...