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Monday, July 11, 2005

nhl- Cap Man

from the Toronto Globe and Mail, You want your son to make it big in professional sports? Tell him to put down that hockey stick and pick up a slide rule.
Tell him to ditch the baseball glove and spend a few hours on a calculator, the kind that has more buttons than the cockpit of a 747.
Why? Because today's nouveau stars of men's professional sports are those who couldn't skate fast enough to muss up their hair (if they can skate at all), couldn't throw a baseball through wet tissue paper and, on a basketball court, have the hang time of concrete.
And yet they know their way around a spreadsheet like Peyton Manning in a spread offence. They can crunch numbers the way Tie Domi crunches faces.
They're lawyers, accountants and vice-presidents of finance, but they all go by the same name -- capologists (salary cap specialists), and now they're coming to the National Hockey League.
Soon, perhaps as early as today, the NHL and National Hockey League Players' Association will confirm they've agreed in principle on a collective agreement that will include salary restrictions, revenue sharing and more pages than a Sudbury telephone book.
It will be the most complicated document in NHL history, and for weeks, clubs have been readying themselves by examining their personnel moves through the magnifying glass of a $37-million to $39-million (U.S.) salary cap.
Few clubs, if any, have done a better job of that than the Chicago Blackhawks. Their man with the plastic pocket protector is Stan Bowman.
Not only is he the son of legendary coach Scotty Bowman, he's also a University of Notre Dame business graduate who once worked as a financial on...