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Monday, July 11, 2005

nhl- CBA Info

from CP, Bill Daly, the NHL's executive vice-president and chief legal officer, had to leave the room for a 1 p.m. EDT executive committee meeting but talks continued without him as lawyers on both sides continued to review and revise documents as well as negotiate other haggling issues. NHLPA senior director Ted Saskin also remained in the room.
Daly was to re-join the talks later in the day after helping commissioner Gary Bettman update the owners on the executive committee on the status of negotiations.
Both sides long ago would have liked to have sealed a deal but the process of drafting the agreement has taken longer than anyone could have predicted. And there remains some negotiation on other issues not considered critical.
Once a deal is finally announced, the NHLPA will schedule a massive players' gathering within three days to a week to ratify the agreement. The league, in turn, will hold a board of governors' meeting so owners can also vote on the deal.
Only after ratification by both sides will there be a news conference "re-launching" the game.