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Monday, July 11, 2005

nhl- CBA Update

from 640 Toronto, What was once months, or weeks or days is now simply hours. The meeting between the players and owners lasted to nearly 1am this morning and after a few hours of sleep they are back at it this morning. At anytime the sides will reach a tentative agreement, then ratification will take place. The owners will go ahead with their executive committee meeting today regardless of whether or not Bill Daly presents them with the 600 page CBA. Gary Bettman will be updating the 8 owner faction on where they sit. At this point Bettman surely knows what is in the CBA and informing the committee will not be a problem, 600 pages or no 600 pages. The owners will ratify the deal by Friday, the players will take a little longer. In order for the deal to be ratified a simple majority is needed.
With the deal about done, we have some actual cap news. Washington and New York will evenly split Jaromir Jagr's salary in 05/06. That's good news for the Rangers and not so great for the Capitals who could use the money to help sign someone to give Ovechkin a hand.
A report out of New York is saying that there is a faction of three players and an executive who are trying to rally support around a no vote. Out of 700 members you would think that there would be quite a few who would want to vote no. At this stage of the game, can anyone afford to lose more money? Not a chance. For the state of the game, let's up we have a yes vote from both sides. It appears that all owners will vote yes.