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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

nhl- Colin Campbell on Rules

Colin Campbell now on Team 590, said the NHL will never know how taking out the red line would work unless they do it in the NHL. They are also going to make one last, hard attempt to stop the hooking, clutching, etc.
Was asked about Scotty Bowman's remarks on the red line (see previous post) and Campbell said Scotty has made his views known to the NHL but even Scotty doesn't know how it will work until it is tried for a year in the league.
Talked about point distribution, how will it work and said that has yet to be decided. Campbell said 4 on 4 has been great, because a team knew they had a point in their pocket so they could play loose. Doesn't want to change that.
Up to the owners and Bettman to decide on playoff structure that would include twenty teams.
The competition committee could expand in size from nine to a maybe 10 or 11, but not much more. Should a coach be included, Campbell said then the committee grows in leaps and bounds.
Said July 20th or 21st some coaches, managers and players will gather to discuss everything that will be changed with the rules.
Was asked if he would be surprised if a CBA is announced tomorrow, he said no but that doesn't mean it will happen. He expected an announcement yesterday too.