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Sunday, July 03, 2005

nhl- Commisioner Campbell

from the Edmonton Sun, It's obvious that Bob Goodenow must become the biggest individual loser in hockey's soon-to-end bargaining hassle.
The pied piper of the NHL players' association made a bad guess about the willingness of owners to battle for control of their league and he, ultimately, will walk the plank.
Commissioner Gary Bettman will probably leave soon, too. In my lonely opinion, the commissioner deserves a medal for holding the owners together long enough to win the labour war, but much of the public will never forget Bettman's part in the ugliness.
Already, there is talk that Colin Campbell would be a top-notch successor to his current boss. I agree.
He played the game at a good level. One season of his career was spent with the Oilers in 1979-80, their inaugural season.
To this day, I'm impressed at the memory of "Soupy" Campbell spending more than an hour signing autographs for young fans after many of his younger teammates had finished and moved on.
The likable Campbell also has beaten numerous coaching and front-office challenges and - most important - he's Canadian....more...