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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

nhl- Deal Done?

via Sportsnet, It is clear the National Hockey League feels the 13th of July, the 301st day of the lockout is the end point.
That motivation has fueled the leagues key negotiators to remain in a marathon session with the union that began Tuesday at noon and continues this morning in New York.
At varying points throughout the night and early morning the two sides provided indications a "deal" was about to be agreed on.
Yet, the negotiation is ongoing with the hope an agreement will be finalized at some point today, officially marking the start of returning the league and players to where both belong, back to the ice.
The fact this session has nearly circled the clock without word of resolution shouldn't be viewed as evidence of a snag in bargaining, but rather proof of how unbelievably detailed and comprehensive this package is.