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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

nhl- Done Deal

from TSN, And now for the words everyone has been waiting to hear: The deal is done!
The NHL and NHL Players' Association have finally reached an agreement (pending ratification) Wednesday on a new six-year collective bargaining agreement that - if approved by the NHL board of governors and the rank and file membership of the NHLPA - will officially end the 301-day labour stalemate sometime next week.
The agreement, a complex document reportedly numbering more than 600 pages, came after the two sides staged marathon negotiating sessions for nine consecutive days. Since the 2004-05 NHL season was officially cancelled on Feb. 16, the league and union have met on 82 occasions, leading to an agreement that will revamp the way the entire professional hockey industry conducts its business.
The league went into this lockout, which started on Sept. 15, 2004, seeking cost certainty and believes it has achieved that with a new economic system from top to bottom.
It remains to be seen when the lockout will officially end, though....more...