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Thursday, July 14, 2005

nhl- Don't Blow It

from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, So let's move forward. I'm much more interested in what's next for the NHL. I want to see if the gentlemen who run this league and compete in it (on the ice and in the executive suites) have the intelligence, the sincerity, the ambition and the creativity to take advantage of a unique opportunity.
The NHL's "before" photo was unsightly and downright ugly, from the bloated payrolls to the boring games, to the absurdly high ticket prices. That league was choking on its own excess.
And now the NHL can give us an inspirational "after" photo.
The NHL has a rare opportunity to reinvent itself. If your previous product was a disaster, and your reputation a joke, then the chance to start all over again in a second-chance rollout is something precious, to be handled with care. The NHL won't get a third chance. The NHL isn't going to win back old fans, and recruit new ones, with a predictable, formatted approach to entertainment....more...