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Saturday, July 09, 2005

nhl- Draft Choices

via Sportsnet, While the pieces of the puzzle that makeup a new collective bargaining agreement are clearly falling into place, what has remained a mystery to this point is the "when, where, and how" of the 2005 NHL entry draft.
Sportsnet has learned three cities are being considered by the league as hosts for the rapidly approaching selection process.
Sources say Toronto, New York and Ottawa are being considered for what will be, in many ways, the game's official re-launch -- with Sidney Crosby playing the starring role.
At this point nothing has been confirmed. However, sources tell Sportsnet the league very recently has been in contact with a Toronto Hotel inquiring about the size of a venue required to host the lottery and subsequent draft.
It is believed the same discussions have taken place in New York and Ottawa.
July 30 has been rumoured as a potential date, but the first week of August appears to be more likely.
As for the how?
A lottery system has garnered the most attention, but the NHL's elite shouldn't count on equal weighting of the balls if this is the method that is agreed on to determine the order of selection in the first
A flat "no" is how one executive answered the above theory when asked directly.
The official details of this exercise are still being worked on, with the end result certain to cause controversy regardless of the chosen