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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

nhl- Draft Details

from TSN and a tip from a reader, Once the NHL's new collective bargaining agreement is ratified, the 'wildest' offseason in league history will take place. All 30 teams will be scrambling to sign players and fill out the rosters for when the puck drops in October.
That sense of urgency will also carry over into the NHL Entry Draft- scheduled for July 30 in Ottawa. For the last few years, the league's lottery system included 14 non-playoff teams, with only one team that could move up and improve its position. That will all change this summer, as all 30 teams - with no 2004-2005 standings to back them up - will be thrown into the hat for a chance at grabbing the first overall selection.
The lottery formula is as follows - each team begins with three balls. For every playoff appearance in the last three years or No. 1 overall pick over the last four years, a team loses one ball. But each team will still be guaranteed to have one ball in the lottery. The first round will go with teams picking 1 through 30, with the 30th team picking 31st and the draft order 'snaking' back and forth in a seven round draft....more...